2022.11.10~12 : The 35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology (JASTRO)

The 35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology has been held in RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL HIROSHIMA,Hiroshima,Japan.
Mr.Tanaka(M1), Mr.Tozuka(M1), Mr.Hoshino(M1) and Mrs.Yago(M1) have attended it for presentation.

■Date : 11.10~12,2022
■Conference name : The 35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology (JASTRO)

Yukito Tanaka(M1)

We are pleased to report that first-year master’s students Yukito Tanaka, Ryota Tozuka, Taichi Hoshino, and Mitsuki Yago from the Medical Physics Group gave presentations at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Radiation Oncology held in Hiroshima on November 10, 2022.

The conference was held under the theme of “One Million and One Hearts: Current Status and Future Prospects of High-Precision Radiotherapy in Japan” to recognize the current status and problems of high-precision radiotherapy in Japan and to predict its future.

This academic conference was a great learning experience for us, as we were able to learn about the workflow of adaptive radiation therapy, as well as the innovations and issues at each facility. I was also able to exchange valuable information with alumni of the Medical Physics Group and doctors working at other hospitals.

I gave an oral presentation on the topic of “Evaluation of Accuracy of Tumor Depiction for Respiratory Migration in MR Images for Treatment Planning with MR-Linac” In MR image-guided radiation therapy, treatment planning is carried out using MR images. In the abdominal region, the extent of tumor delineation on MR images is affected by respiratory migration, but the effect of this on the accuracy of tumor delineation has not been fully evaluated. Therefore, we have conducted a basic experiment to evaluate the effect. Since there is still very little data available, we would like to continue our research in the future.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the doctors who guided me in my research and the radiology department for giving me this opportunity to make this presentation.

Tohoku university medical physics member

Scenery of the venue and surrounding area

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